To achieve our motto of Quality Laboratory Services at Affordable Price in Minimum Possible Time.

  1. Lab is NABL accredited. Govt. of India, through NABL formulates guidelines for Quality Assurance in Medical Testing Laboratories.

  2. We assure Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

  3. We follow CLIA guidelines.  

  4. We have placed the best instruments available which are under AMC with timely calibration.   

  5. Qualified and experienced staff. Compulsory training/CME so that their knowledge and skills are continuously updated.

  6. Daily internal controls with LJ graphs.

  7. We participate in following National & International External Assessment Programs.

    1. AIIMS Hematology EQAS

    2. CMC Vellore-Biochemistry EQAS

    3. Bio-rad International EQAS