Dr. Gajendra Lab

Dr. Gajendra Lab


Bio Chemistry

Vitros 5.1 FS Fully automated and integrated biochemistry analyser capable of performing 500 bio chemistry tests in one hour.
Vitros 250 Fully automated and integrated biochemistry analyser capable of performing 300 bio chemistry tests in one hour.
Erba Chem 7 Semi automated bio chemistry analyzer.
Roche AVL 9180 ISE based electrolyte analyzer.
Mispa Protein analyzer
OPTI - CCA Blood Gas Analyzer


Architect c 4100 Fully automated and random access analyser (Capable of performing 100 tests in one hour).
Cobas e 411 Fully automated Chemilumnescence Immunoassay System from Roche.
Lumax Chemilumnescence based immunoassay system for TORCH etc.
LISA SCAN ELISA Reader : Transasia
ECIL Gamma counter for Radio - immunoassay


Sysmex XN1000 Fully automated six part blood cell counter (based on Laser flow cytometry capable of performing 60 samples per hour).
Sysmex KXT21 Fully automated three part cell counter.
Sysmex CA 50 Coagulometer for coagulation studies like PT, APTT etc.
Vesmatic 20 Automated system for ESR
Bio Vue Coomb's test and Blood Grouping


Makler's Sperm counting system from Israel
WHO approved semen analyser : SQA 11


Siemens Urilyzer - Urine Analyser a 10 part urine analyzer
Special Analyser for Urine Micro albumin


Bact -Alert Rapid Blood & AFB Culture System
Mini API (Fully automated system for bacterial identification and drug sensitivity)
Gen Spert PCR for Tuberculosis (also detects MDR - TB)


AFB detection by Fluorescent technique (Auramine O stain on Zeiss Fluorescent Microscope)

Gynae, Pathology

BD Surepath - PAP Smear examination by LBC (Liquid Based Cytology)
Qiagen DML 3000 for HPV - DNA test by Hybrid Capture technique
BD-Affirm for microbial detection of vaginal discharge / infection.